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Saturday, March 19, 2011

When agile arrives move up

So management has decided to change software development processes to a more agile approach. And that means you, the business analyst, need to adopt a product owner role, or perhaps a scrum master if that's the way they go. In any case, your old rituals of gathering information, analyzing it, and producing an extensive set of requirements amidst negotiation, mediation and lots and lots of meetings are no longer going to be needed. So what do you do? Step up.
Someone has to evaluate whether the problems the product owner wants to solve are aligned with organizational strategies and goals. Someone has to verify that the solution that comes out of the iterations will not adversely impact other departments or processes. And someone has to coordinate, on the business side, with the other projects that are in process at the same time.
And that someone is the business analyst. Who better?

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