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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Business analysts in Scrum - one company's view

I am asked continually whether business analysts have a place in agile, and in particular Scrum where there is no explicit role for a business analyst.  I always answer yes and set about to describe the possibilities and how business analysts are being used in Scrum.  
For example, here at a global financial company in New York they are bringing new graduates into the company to be business analysts, and to work in Scrum (their flavor of Scrum).  The business analysts were just told yesterday that their primary duties in Scrum will be to write and decompose user stories, working with both the business people on behalf of product owners and with the developers, and to write test cases and perform testing along side the QA analysts.  However, they are being trained in classic business analysis functions. None of the graduates are IT specialists or programmers.  A couple, for example, have advanced degrees in economics and finance. So they are in fact "business" analysts. And they will be working in Scrum. 

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