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Sunday, July 14, 2019

business analyst and optimism or realism

One of the common characteristics of business analysts that I hear fairly frequently is that of optimism or a positive approach.  Certainly a positive approach is good to have, especially when the project or the new system  or modification is not universally endorsed.  It is good to be optimistic about the final results when the nay sayers are predicting failure and doom. The business analyst among all other roles needs to keep eyes on the prize, so to speak.
However, the business analyst has to be more than just optimistic. The business analyst also has to be realistic. The optimistic business analyst accepting a program or feature of questionable technical feasibility or specious strategic alignment is aiding and abetting waste. The business analyst
needs to analyze and when the business analyst is sure that the program or new feature adds value to the organization, then the business analyst can charge ahead optimistically.
Skepticism, analysis, confirmation, optimism, in that order.

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