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Thursday, April 20, 2017

BA without IT knowledge

A recent posting on LinkedIn was by a training company looking to attract prospective business analysts to their classroom to learn how to gain IT knowledge in order to become a business analyst.  The pitch was based on some idea that all business analysts are IT based and need IT experience and knowledge, and this training company could provide those elements and make you a business analyst.
We have to remember that there were business analysts (and there still are) who do not work with IT.  They do not prepare requirements for software development.  There are business analysts who analyze the business for purposes of merger, acquisition, divestiture or other organizational change. There are business analysts who analyze the market for new products potential, or the competition for weaknesses that can be exploited or the business climate to identify new investment or market potential.  There are business analysts who assist executives in making strategic decisions.  All of these business analysts existed long before computers were used for business, long before software developers needed requirements. 
If you are coming from a business based background do not be concerned about getting into business analysis.  There is a wide range and big need for people who can communicate, analyze, understand the business, and solve business problems, with or without computers, IT or software development.

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